Mod Name: Banshee Sonic Blast Custom SFX
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Manual Download: Install
Author: Imported
Downloads: 346
Description: Original Author: Solarverse
Brand new custom SFX that has unique SFX of ghostly screams like a real Banshee. All sounds minus the T9 all created custom. I loved the other one that currently exists, but I wanted something with a bit more scream and a little les digital. I also wanted a Scream that could sound like a male or a female, since a Banshees' scream is made up of all the souls it has taken, it only made sense to have both male and female screams mixed in to one. WARNING: This mod cannot be used with the other Banshee Themed Mod. You can only use one mod at a time. It is suggested you uninstall one Banshee Mod before installing the other.