Mod Name: Chat Ranges PopMenu
Install: Install
Manual Download: Install
Author: CrystalDragon
Downloads: 192
Description: This popmenu provides chat ranges for speak & listen distances on scales ranging from 3 to 100. I made this popmenu a while back as a means to clean up my bars, using the commands of the chat listen and speak ranges provided by @Kataklysm (Thanks bro, seriously.)
Setup: From chat: /popmenu Chatranges
As keybind: /bind "popmenu Chatranges"
As macro: /macro popmenu Chatranges
*Thanks @Kataklysm!* Iconed macro: /macro_image "Claws_TauntAoE" "Chat ranges" popmenu Chatranges
Bind to mouse: /bind ; popmenu Chatranges
*Known bug; Chat interference with different ranges set on multiboxed accounts. It may appear as if you were muted by your other account, or to those chatting in listen range.
**Strongly suggested for single login account users until I've nailed that bug to the wall.
If you run into any problems with this mod, please send me a global tell so I can try and figure out a fix or can offer assistance in guidance. @Crystal Dragon or on the HC forum thread for the mod. Thank you, and enjoy!