Mod Name: Praetoria Rescore Project
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Author: Tarrquinn
Downloads: 92
Description: Original Author: Tarrquinn
Ever wondered what Praetoria would sound like with music from the original COH soundtrack? No? Well I did, and I've picked songs to replace the music in Nova Praetoria, Imperial City, Neutropolis, First Ward, AND Night Ward. Each track was picked to fit the vibe of the area while also being distinctive.

I think the music in Praetoria quite good, but it's a very different style than the rest of COH. The Praetoria Rescore Project is an attempt to bring Praetoria's score more in line with the original musical aesthetic. So far this mod doesn't apply to the Underground maps or any combat sequences. YMMV.

Magisterium - Aeon City (Cap au Diable)
Elyssian Avenue - Liberty Town (Founders Falls)
North Aetna - Firebase Zulu (Firebase Zulu)
South Aetna - Point Echo (Firebase Zulu)

Aureas - The Flop (St Martial)
BAF - Agincourt (Nerva Archipelago)
Four Gables - Silver Lake (Steel Canyon)
Industry Avenue - Curry Cove (Peregrine Island)
Logos - Copper District (Steel Canyon)
People's Park - The Misty Wood (Croatoa)
Tiberian Bluff - The Broken Teeth (Croatoa)

Keyes Island - Green Nugget (Bloody Bay)
Lambda Sector - Haven (Cap au Diable)
Neuron's Reach - Vagabond Hills (Cap au Diable)

Mercyview - Moth Cemetary (Echo: Dark Astoria)
Eltentown - The Flop (St Martial)
Forbidden Crags - Bastion of Sorrow (The Chantry)
Free Fire Zone - Marconeville (Port Oakes)
Mother of Mercy - Potters Field (Sharkhead Isle)
Sunken City - Forgotten Forest (Bloody Bay)

Arcane Quarter - Lock of Malice (Storm Palace)
Bedlam - Talos Park (Siren's Call)
City of Souls - Fossburg (Siren's Call)
The Sleeping Beast - The Hive (Eden)
Howling Vale - The Broken Teeth (Croatoa)
Lamplight Junction - Salamanca (Croatoa)
The Digs - The Chanting Island (Cascade Archipelago)