Mod Name: Pet Summon Pop Menu (v2)
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Manual Download: Install
Author: Teirusu
Downloads: 260
Description: This is a popmenu containing most of the common summonable pet powers found in the game, minus the prestige pets. (Those are now included in the Hologram Matrix Accolade/popmenu) The first menu contains the common summons that are available on both sides (Hero and Villian) and are generally easily re-loadable. The other nested menu contains powers that you typically get through missions/story arcs.

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Now has a fancy 1-button to summon -any- Incarnate Lore that you currently have equipped. There's also a supporting pet command menu for supporting them.

The menu uses the PowerReady flag to grey out powers you do not have or aren't recharged. (Not for the 1-button Lore.) Summons with the Ouroboros icon should be rechargeable by re-running the arc that gave the power. It also uses Powexeclocation to immediately summon the pets at your location, no needing to additionally place the pet. Note that some pets still require you to be on the ground to summon them, not flying.

from chat: /popmenu PetSummons
as keybind: /bind "popmenu PetSummons"
as macro: /macro popmenu PetSummons

You can use this macro below, if you wish:
I.E. /macro_image "Loyalty_SignatureSummon" "Pets" "popmenu PetSummons"