Mod Name: Everlasting Basecode Popmenu
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Manual Download: Install
Author: Teirusu
Downloads: 351

This is a pop-menu containing nearly all of the Everlasting base codes found at the below links (From November 2022):


I went through all the codes and excluded base codes that were no longer functional, so there are a few missing from the pop-menu that are currently included in the two above links.  I've sorted and ordered the list similar to the spreadsheets but not exactly 100%.  I removed some bases from the 'Transit Hub' category as I wanted to make sure that they were all fairly close to 100% functional, within reason.  Zone-8888 was put at the top since it's popular and has everything you could need in one simple room.  The rest are generally sorted by functionality and secondarily by looks.  Any bases I removed from the Transit Hub category I moved elsewhere.  All other categories are in alphabetical order.

Forum Link:

Features: The pop-menu shows you all the base codes so you can share them.  Additionally, if you're near a base portal, it'll do the 'enterbasefrompasscode' command for you, like a macro, and send you to that base.  Hopefully, this means that people don't need to refer to the website/spreadsheet all the time or keep a bunch of individual macros for a lot of these bases. 

From chat: /popmenu ELBases
As a keybind: /bind "popmenu ELBases"
As a macro: /macro ELB popmenu ELBases


You can use this macro below, if you wish:

/macroimage "Temporary_BasePortal" "Everlasting Bases" popmenu ELBases