Mod Name: Vortexs Vibrant Verisimilitude of Grave Grimalkin Gnashing
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Description: Original Author: VortexMaster
Vortex's Vibrant Verisimilitude of Grave Grimalkin Gnashing

Or the remaking of demon sounds into cat sounds.

Version 1.0

As many of you here I enjoy playing Masterminds, but find my enjoyment a little lacking luster when it comes to the demons,
and their constant noisome emanations, and violently vehement vociferating.

Thus, I set upon my quest to tame the savage nether spawn to behave as Bohemian bastardization of kitty cats.

Tucked with the zipped files you will find some sounds that will tame the din, to cats who will look for their din din
while in the shape of demons. But beware! When summoned or slain they will regain their netherworldly ways and roar out their
old demonic bellows.

Simply unzip the files contained within the City of Heroes-data-sound-Ogg-Demon Summoning.

this is a rather rough first draft, so do not judge me to harshly as this was mostly concocted for my own amusement, and word
leaked to others and they lay upon me for their desire to also train their demons to sound like cats.

I hope some enjoy with maniacal laughter as I do as the Demons purr and meow, feedback is welcome, although I cannot
promise to answer or adjust the sounds, only time will tell.

With Regards.

The Vortex Master

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Repackaged by Westley Bennett