Mod Name: Rare Roulette Quick Reference popmenu
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Manual Download: Install
Author: AboveTheChemist
Downloads: 326
Description: This popmenu is an aid for use when converting by category from uncommon to rare enhancements. It displays potential in-category conversion options for each common and rare enhancement. Potential uncommon conversions are denoted with a yellow dot, potential rare conversions are denoted with an orange dot, and each enhancement's level range is listed. This information can be used to inform decisions about in-category conversions.

from chat: /popmenu RareRoulette
as keybind: /bind "popmenu RareRoulette"
as macro: /macro popmenu RareRoulette

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Currently maintained by AboveTheChemist
Last revision: Oct 11, 2022 (version 1)
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