Mod Name: Numbered Inspirations
Install: Install
Manual Download: Install
Author: Michiyo
Downloads: 363
Description: Original Author: The Philotic Knight
This mod adds a small black number in the top right corner of the icon of all inspirations that have "levels". Most, if not all, standard inspiratons should show these values for levels 1-3.

I chose not to show them on level 4 inspirations (the "Super!" type), because the graphic on the button is so large that there was no empty space to put a number!

The numbers may not be in the exact same position for each inspiration. I tried to get them as close to the top right corner as I could, but in some cases (like, for example the team inspirations), it was not feasible due to the graphical effects that already existed on those inspirations.

Note also that I chose black text rather than any other color, due to the fact that the inspirations came in all colors, and any color that I chose other than either black or white would have disappeared on some inspirations. I started with white, but that "disappeared" on the lighter color inspirations like Accuracy! So, while the black text is barely noticable on some of them (like the Defense inspirations), i think it's still noticable if you try to look closely!

Mod updated 16-Dec-2021 by AboveTheChemist to correct image display issues at world texture quality settings of 'very low' or 'low'